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The provision of quality services is our concern when it comes to domestic and international freight transport.
That is why we can offer you:

We organize international freight transport throughout Europe, both in the intra-Community space and in the extra-community space. We carry out transport services based on CMR / TIR international conventions.

Freight transport full truck

We are at your disposal when you need international goods transport from Romania to different destinations in Europe or outside Europe, both imported from Europe and from extra-community space to Romania. We offer transport services, depending on the type of cargo, in trucks of various capacities and coaches, both for general goods and ADR goods, which will take over the cargo and will deliver it safely to the destination in the shortest time.

Groupage of goods

If you wish to transport amounts smaller than a pallet (boxes, bales, packages, etc.) up to amounts that can occupy 80-90% of a truck from Romania to the whole of Europe and / or the extra space and the import to Romania in Europe and / or extra-community space.


Our main area of action is the Balkans: Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia.