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Short history

Profesional Trans SRL was founded in 1994, as a limited liability company, having private domestic capital and its main object of activity, road freight transport.

Initially, the company was thought to carry out general freight traffic in domestic traffic. Later on, thanks to the dynamic of the transport market, Profesional Trans became an internationally-trading company that carries out inter-community and extra-community transport. We have as main area of ​​action, transport in the European Union, as well as the Balkans: Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Albania etc. Since 1996 we have been members of UNTRR.

In recent years, the volume of freight we transported has exceeded our internal transport capabilities, so we call on subcontractors – operators. In this regard, we licensed a company for related services – the House of Freight.

The fact that we have managed to have renowned companies in the portfolio of clients is largely due to our employees, with whom we have been able to provide quality services – the mandatory component of the transport contracts. That’s why we say, “It’s time to work with the professionals!”

What brought us here?

  • Effective and realistic management

  • A performance-driven marketing policy

  • A energetic and professional team

  • Adoption of high quality standards

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